Ode to a stubborn

While you deny it and I accept it,
between affirmative and negative,
plus the dimes and diretes,
one wanders and the other picks up.

Questioning and pointing fingers
omes to nothing, hurting and fighting
is all it takes.

It’s just that we can spend the day and the night,
to waste your time with all this waste,
we’re going to lose our whole lives
without noticing it while the baldy girl arrives.

So foolish is he who as a fool denies it
like the one who without thinking accepts it.

But it’s just the thought of it,
to try to analyze it,
to be reduced to nothing,
to him that’s all, that’s crazy.

Let’s just say you’re right.
and that for a moment of excitement,
I put myself in your shoes
I do the challenge for a while.

For denying the night, will he not tuck me in with his shadow?
For denying the sun, will I cease to feel its warmth?
I’m sorry if it sounds like a joke,
if a blush appears on my face.

It’s no laughing matter.
I’m not nervous about my smile,
is that I remembered a joke.
from a little while ago when you showed up.

And now I’m telling you,
the one that’s everywhere
arrives uninvited like this,
but it cannot enter the heart
of the one who denies it for no reason.

Origin of the images
cover, scream, challenge, girl smiling

Licensing of images.

This post is also an English translation
of my own: Oda a un necio

Thank you for reading these words, thinking and feeling of my authorship.


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