How to avoid that annoying image and learn to scale unedited images without editing

Some time ago I spoke of an inconvenience that presented itself in Steemit with the covers of our post when we put the link in Discord, also how to use the same in our favor to do something very useful, is also possible in Whaleshares.

The problem
   I bet you’re tired of seeing that when your post in Whaleshares in a room of any Discord server you get the famous “poop” ? because the application can not to show the cover image. I took the task of investigating what was happened, some thought it was a failure of the Discord, others were problems with the Internet and some could even be by the format of the image, but no, the problem is simple to locate and easy to solve.

The detail
   It turns out that somehow there are users that when you upload an image to Whaleshares, the system set before a piece of link or code to their image that serves to regulate the size of an image but that the system in the Discord can not read correctly, that link is presented in the following way within the editor of your publication in Whaleshares:


What makes it impossible to visualize your cover in the Discord is this part:

   As you can see, the code that precedes the image link should not be there, just delete it and save the publication, then your cover will be visible on Discord perfectly. The part that says0x0 can change to numbers other than zero, depending on what the browser has placed, but the procedure is the same.

Size matters

   This same code can be used to change the size of any other image in our post without affecting the above mentioned problem, that is to say, what is harmful to the cover, is useful for the rest of the images in our publication.


   You only have to add the above mentioned code, pasted and before the link of our image, no matter if it is JPG, GIF or PNG; you only have to change one of the zeros for the value that adapts to your taste and size of image that suits you, taking into account that the size is in pixels. I always change the first zero because it is the one that determines the width.

   To put different numbers to the normal proportions of the uploaded image will not deform the image, that is to say, if we upload an image of 800×400, although we put 500×30 the value that it will take will be greater and the other will discard it. In the case of images. Animated gifs, the animation will be lost and only the first frame will be visible.


I created an abstract image in Photoshop to show you how you can scale the image direct from the Whaleshares editor without having to resize using an image editing program, I used 400, 300, 200 and 100 pixels as shown below:

![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

They should look like this:

   If you note, I used the same image link, just add the piece of code and change the values of the pixels in each one. I hope you put this into practice to improve your publications, simplify and save time in editing.

Secrecy revealed

Material from other authors:

terminatorwizardfinal wizard,
the abstract image that I used as an example is made by me in Photoshop CS6.

Thank you for reading these words of my authorship.


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